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why you need to learn a foreign languageLearning a foreign language is a great way to enhance your resume and market yourself in the global marketplace. Companies are increasingly looking for applicants with foreign language skills to conduct business. Still, many Americans have not embraced the need to learn a foreign language. AuthorĀ Edward Trimnell discusses this phenomenon in Why You Need A Foreign Language and How to Learn One, and goes on to describe exactly why it is important for English speakers to learn a foreign language...

"In the English-speaking world, the importance of language study is by no means accepted as self-evident. The percentage of native-born Americans who can actually speak a foreign language is abysmally small. The exact numbers are hard to come by, but ask yourself: among your friends, family members and professional colleagues who were born in the United States, how many could hold a conversation in any language besides English? Few readers will know more than one or two people who fulfill these criteria--and the majority will not know a single native-born American who can pass the test."

Before diving into an Atlanta language classes, perhaps you should check out this book and remind yourself just how important this new journey with our Atlanta language school is so important...


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