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1.Conditions of Free Estimates

Atlanta International Language Institute (AILI) offers free of charge estimates to Customers prior to translating documents. AILI won't bill for any free of charge estimates. AILI ensures that the final cost to be billed to the translation will match exactly the amount of the initial quote. We stand behind our quote 100%. Quoted rates will vary depending on the size of the document, and are incurred by the page. Discounts are applied as size increases or if there are several documents in need of translation. In these cases, we charge by the word.

AILI won't bill any jobs which have not been authorized by you, the Client.

2.Translation Timeliness

For simple, one-page, non-technical documents such as birth certificates, medical records, etc., AILI guarantees a turnaround of not more than 3 business days from the time payment is received. For larger/more complex projects, AILI guarantees a 7-day turnaround upon receipt of payment unless otherwise noted in the quote. We pledge to deliver on these timelines or issue a complete refund to the Client. See Section 7 below for further payment guidelines.

3. Quality of Translation

We make use of translators very carefully chosen to complement the subject matter and content material of your job. On completion, we'll deliver the Client a Certificate which certifies, by a notary seal, the accuracy of our translations. For translations from English into another language please check with the authorities as to what is considered a "certified translation" in a given country.

We pride ourselves on the superior expertise of our skilled translators, effective editors and competent content managers. This quality control procedure means that the ultimate product or service offers exceptional quality and flows as though originally composed from the particular language.

We at AILI have an established history of delivering high-quality translation solutions.

4.Translation Quality Assurance

AILI offers a 100% accuracy and reliability assurance for each of our translations. AILI stands by each of the translations carried out by our translators. In the event the Client isn't totally satisfied with a finished translation, we'll repair it, free of charge, until it meets the Client?s complete approval. If there is any problem or concern with one of our translations, we will certainly work together with the Client until such time as they're totally satisfied with the superior quality and precision of our translation(s)

5.Liability Limitations

There shall only be liability regarding translations utilized for publication in the event that Client expressly notified AILI in writing in advance that Client expects to publish the document and where AILI is supplied with all the proofs for proof-reading. In this particular occasion AILI will be compensated an acceptable remuneration for any modification and the Client will pay the hourly fees as billed by AILI for this service.

There will in no way be any responsibility on the part of AILI with regard to inadequacies in the translation of documents that are illegible or incomprehensible.

Stylistic enhancements and modifications of particular terminologies, (specifically those that are particular to specific types of enterprises or are utilized in-house), shall not be acknowledged as inadequacies with the translation.

AILI shall be liable to Client for each manuscript, unique paperwork and the same furnished by Client and will operate as a custodian for these documents up to the point they are delivered to Client upon presentation of the translation. There's absolutely no requirement on the part of AILI to obtain insurance coverage.

No legal responsibility shall be assumed with the provision of translators except by harm triggered by intention or by gross disregard in the choice of the equivalent.

6.Damages and Privacy

Except if provided for differently legally, any claim for damages directed towards AILI shall be limited to the invoiced total (net). Exempt from the limitation of damages are instances when the harm was prompted by means of gross negligence or intention. There's absolutely no the liability regarding lost earnings or resulting harm.

In case the job is of enough magnitude to have induced AILI to obtain liability insurance coverage, claims for damages shall be confined by the total that the insurance coverage will recompense for the particular instance.

AILI absolutely will never lease, auction or swap a Client's data or email addresses it obtains to a third party. AILI endeavors to require its translators and staff to observe stringent discretion in regards to the subject matter of the translations. AILI shall not be responsible for any breach of this responsibility.

7.Payment Method

AILI agrees to begin work with a translation promptly after satisfactory receipt of payment. Payment is required in advance of work beginning.

In certain instances AILI may well choose, at its exclusive discretion, to commence work before obtaining complete payment. In these instances, any delays in payment past the timetable agreed upon will entitle AILI to keep any materials (e.g. manuscripts being translated) which compliment the job. In the event the conditions of payment as agreed upon among AILI and Client are breached, AILI is also entitled to postpone work on the job up to the point Client fulfils all payment commitments. This will likewise apply to jobs where a set delivery time was agreed upon. Any cessation in the job will not give Client any legal claims, and AILI shall not be prejudiced in its legal rights at all.

8.Modifications to These Terms and Conditions

AILI may on occasion revise our Conditions of Services for Translations to mirror variations in marketplace environment. If Clients have any inquiries concerning our Conditions of Services for Translations, they may contact us at:

Translations Department
Atlanta International Language Institute
Telephone: (404) 250-0350
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please carefully read these Terms and Conditions. By utilizing AILI for translation services, Client agrees to all of the terms and conditions enumerated in this Agreement.