Welcome to Atlanta International Language Institute!

The Atlanta International Language Institute (AILI) offers local Atlanta language classes in over 20 languages, holds corporate training for language learning, and provides translations and interpretation services. We are an Atlanta language school staffed with knowledgeable native instructors who are committed to helping you achieve your language learning goals. People who learn a second language tend to have improved memory and overall learning ability.

Each language from around the world has a wealth of opportunity. Speakers of a second language have better job prospects and travel opportunities, but more importantly a broadened worldview. The first thing you will notice at AILI is our intimate settings. Our language training programs offer group classes and private or semi-private lessons. Private lessons are for those who want a customized learning program with flexible scheduling. Our group class sizes are generally 3 to 9 students, so you know that you will get the attention you need.

You will also notice how committed our teachers are to their students. Our teachers are engaging, driven and highly qualified; having each been hand-picked for their positions. Each teacher goes above and beyond for their students and this shows in every lesson. Come with us on a journey. Now is your chance to embark upon something bigger than yourself! This is more than just learning — this is personal growth! Learning a new language, while a daunting endeavor, will be an opportunity you will remember your whole life.