ATLANTA CHINESE COURSES - (10 weeks of Chinese classes)*

Prices starting at $355/$17.75 per hour

In a group class environment, we teach Mandarin Chinese. If you are looking for a dialect or more customized Chinese classes, please inquire about private lessons. Click here for private classes.

Come learn Chinese today right here in Atlanta! Georgia companies are moving fast to participate in China's growing economic power, and opportunities for Chinese speakers are growing right along with it. Mandarin Chinese is the world’s largest spoken language. It is spoken by nearly a quarter of the global population! If your goal is to learn quickly, our native Chinese instructors have a simple and energetic style which makes the language easy to understand and apply in everyday situations. Come join us today and broaden your horizons to the east!

*Courses include 10 consecutive weekly classes (barring major holidays). Classes meet once a week for 2 hours at our location, or online. The curriculum of our language program is built for groups of three to nine students who complete the material in ten weeks. We also offer more immersive classes that are seven weeks for two students, and five weeks for private lessons.



  • All classes are subject to a minimum enrollment.
  • Group classes cannot be rescheduled or canceled.
  • Classes are NON-REFUNDABLE after the registration deadline.
  • Only classes canceled or rescheduled by the Atlanta International Language Institute will allow for a refund in full.
  • Returned checks will be electronically processed along with associated fees.
  • Please allow for 2-3 business days for any payment processing.