ATLANTA RUSSIAN COURSES - *10 weeks of Russian classes

Prices starting at $304/$15.20 per hour

Russian is an exciting language. It has a Cyrillic alphabet instead of a Latin based alphabet. When students first see and hear the alphabet, they often ask if the entire course can just be spent on learning it. However, we teach the alphabet in less than 4 hours. People will learn how to write and pronounce each letter and begin writing sentences with efficiency and ease. Russian grammar is intricate and complex, but no more difficult than learning to dance. Once you learn the “steps” or rules, it is all about attempting to execute them with fluidity. Our native speakers have over 10 years' teaching experience, and backgrounds teaching English as a Second Language and their native language of Russian.

While there is no word for “fun” in Russian, they do say “free time.” Part of the cultural training of our classes is learning words that have no meaning in the language you are learning. You can communicate the concept by using context and other vocabulary.

Our instructors have a fun and energetic style that keeps you on your toes! Whether you are learning for business or travel, we will teach you the language and cultural aspects you need to know to be successful in navigating the Russian world.

*Courses include 10 consecutive weekly classes (barring major holidays). Classes meet once a week for 2 hours at our location, or online. The curriculum of our language program is built for groups of three to nine students who complete the material in ten weeks. We also offer more immersive classes that are seven weeks for two students, and five weeks for private lessons.

Please note that all classes are subject to a minimum enrollment.



  • All classes are subject to a minimum enrollment.
  • Group classes cannot be rescheduled or canceled.
  • Classes are NON-REFUNDABLE after the registration deadline.
  • Only classes canceled or rescheduled by the Atlanta International Language Institute will allow for a refund in full.
  • Returned checks will be electronically processed along with associated fees.
  • Please allow for 2-3 business days for any payment processing.